President / Show Chair
Todd Michael
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Patty Nye
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Melanie Vohnout-Dzek
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Vice President
Patty McCartin


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Membership Chair
Amy Kocher


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Point Keeper
Kathy Brown


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Swap Meet Chair 
Jason Moore
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Board Of Directors
Rusty Miller, Brian Amerine, Chuck Schroeder, Brent Gibson, Dean Van Cauwenbergh, Jason Moore , Kathy Brown, Breanne Benjamin, and Melanie Dzak
Honorary Board Members:
Tom & Betty Springer, Judy Leister

The Club is affiliated with the Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc. in Moscow, ID.

The purpose of the Club shall be:

To cooperate with and aid, in every possibleway, the programs and functions of The Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

Recognizing that the parent organization, The Appaloosa Horse Club,Inc., files records and issues certificates of registration that are eligible for such animals thought to be fit for Foundation Sock and the registry.

The primary function of the Club will be to promote interest in the breed from a Regional standpoint in complete cooperation with the overall program of The Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

To promote and stimulate interest in Regional all Appaloosa shows, all breed shows and youth shows for Appaloosa horses registered in The Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

Make an annual report of the Club's activities to The Appaloosa Horse Club, Inc.

Promote and stimulate interest through the owners and breeders of the Appaloosa In the GLApHC.